A few weeks back my Sister and I went and had dinner with our gorgeous friends Holly and Ella who were also at home staying with their family for the Summer break.

Dinner was eaten at twilight sitting in their Dad’s back garden,  it was a perfect night. We drank wine, talked excitedly, smoked their Dad’s cigarette’s, let off lanterns (how magical!) and exchanged Christmas presents.

The girls gave me the Killers DVD Live at the Royal Albert Hall.

Now, I haven’t listened to the Killers since we broke up, and that night was the first time I had heard them in 3 months, and let me tell you, it was like coming back into the light.

I had tears in my eyes as we let off lanterns in the dark and Brandon Flowers sang “And my eyes don’t see you no more.” It was a perfect moment of pure happiness, pure happiness knowing that I was now officially happy and over him.

My friend Jon in New York used to mock me for loving the Killers so much, until he actually had a proper listen, and then became a convert – he used to ask me if I was a ‘human’ or a ‘dancer’ (to those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, here is the video for Human – listen to the lyrics)

So, what are you? Human or Dancer? I used to tell Jon that I was human but now I think I’m a dancer – and I love it.

The Killers - The Best Band ever!

Thanks to my girls for all of your support and bringing me back into the Light.

Love Jecc xx