One of the brilliant things about being single and traveling is the people you meet, and the opinions they have on your life and your choice travel.

You get people who:

  • Are jealous (mostly young married dudes)
  • Think you are nuts “You really only have only ONE suitcase?”
  • Simply cannot understand why you would travel with no planned return ticket
  • Think you are brilliant/want to join you
  • Think you are a lazy bum who doesn’t know how to work and the purpose of traveling is to shirk any form of hard work/responsibility

And it’s even more amazing that they think you give a shit about what they have to say (well I do because I am a sicko people pleaser).

One particular conversation I had with a girl went like this:

Stupid girl: So, you are traveling?

Me: Yes

SG: Why?

Me: Because you gotta travel right? See the world, experience different cultures and places, be a bit scared in the world and learn to rely on only yourself! I Mean, imagine living in GREECE or, like, CROATIA, How cool would that be?! Living out of one suitcase and limiting the ‘stuff’ in your life and traveling wherever you like!

SG: OMG! You only have ONE suitcase? How do you manage that? How many pairs of heels do you have?

Me: I know, and believe me, I’m not normally the type of person to do this kind of stuff, but I was ready for a change and this is a fun challenge, it’s so nice not have loads of shit to haul about with you, life is very simple, and I have one fantastic pair of heels!

SG: I don’t know how you do it! Don’t you get lonely and miss your friends and family? Don’t you get sick of wearing the same stuff over and over again? Isn’t it tiring moving from place to place?

Me: Excuse me for a sec, I’m just going to go into the woods and shoot myself, I appreciate you highlighting all of the potential pitfalls of my journey, good-luck to your new marriage, tell your new husband thanks for pinching my ass!

People can be terrible Jerks can’t they?! This type of conversation had the potential to send me diving under my duvet and never coming back out, but I am slowly learning that I am made of tougher stuff than all that! Because it’s really only out of challenge and starting over that we learn and grow.

Don’t let other people sway what YOU want!

Jecc xx