So you walk around doing nothing but your best. Being kind, working hard, playing by the rules, loving openly without restrictions and just generally trying to keep everything above water. But sometimes, despite your best efforts people will treat you like shit; they will demean you and act below the line of acceptable behavior.

Before you go off and blame yourself  just remember: some people are just miserable bastards. They just are, and there is nothing you can do about it. Don’t lower yourself to their level. Tell yourself you are loved, remind yourself it’s their problem and not yours and move on! Tomorrow is a new day!

And you know what? Take pity on that miserable bastard, because no matter what they won’t be satisfied with anything. You stop to smell the roses and know what genuine happiness is. So hold onto that, you are already 10 steps ahead!

And I know sometimes it’s hard, and it hurts, but please, don’t ever let the miserable bastards get you down!

Love Jecca xx




February 16, 2010

Today my blog reached 5,000 hits. I don’t know if that’s a lot or a little or totally mediocre, but I still think it sounds pretty damn sweet!


And Hoorayness to YOU for reading it, here, have a hug.

I might be a little hyper, I’ve been at work since at 5:45am, I’ve never woken up this early, I have however come home from partying this early, turns out it’s two very different things! Yikes!

Lovies xx

I was doing the grocery shop for work the other day at New World Metro. I was in my usual hurry when I heard the most gorgeous British Accent “excuse me Miss, can I interest you in donating to the Paralympics?”


For starters you called me ‘Miss’ in a British accent, you can have whatever you like, If I still had my virginity I would SO have given you that.

Not only did he have a totally cute accent but he was astonishingly good looking! I actually stopped and stared, but just for a minute.

We had a brief chat about me donating and he pointed out that they only took cash, I didn’t have any on me but promised I would be back later.  I spent the whole morning figuring out what I would say, you know, all of the usual lame things that come with being single in the battlefield that is coupledom/dating.

The moment came, he remembered me and was very impressed I actually went back. Swoon!

I got a pin to say that I had donated. Again, we only spoke briefly.

Essentially I paid $20 for a cute guy to talk to me.

Nicely played Paralympics. Very nicely played indeed.

Oh No You Didn’t

November 23, 2009

Today a work colleague told me that I should try online dating.

A red mist appeared before my eyes and all I wanted to do was run head first into the nearest wall.


“Oh no, someone is single, they must be so unhappy and so desperate for a man they will do ANYTHING.”

Needless to say, someone’s stationary is going to go ‘missing’ from their cubicle. Ha, that’s right you fucking moron, the line has been drawn and I have more time on my hands now that I am single, more time to plot and plan and take you down.

This is going to be EPIC.

The Grind: Part 1

November 9, 2009

A few things that have been grinding my gears:

1. The font style ‘Arial’ – so boring, I have to use it at work and even exclamation points don’t make it look more entertaining/interesting!

2. When people at work use the phrase “I just wanted to advise you.” ADVISE me! That’s overuse of the English language. How about I “advise” you that you’re a Fuckwit?

3. Being hungover and starving but being too scared to leave the house in case people on the street judge you for looking like a mess/wild animal.

4. Ed Hardy and people who wear it:

Bret Michaels


5. Girls who wear Boob tube, ass skimming dresses out on a Saturday night when it’s hailing. COVER UP bitches, it’s a coat, not man repellent. No one wants a girl with goose pimpled flesh (well, maybe dudes wearing Ed Hardy)

6. Honking your car horn when the traffic clearly ISN’T moving.  Please shut the fuck up.

7. Girls who wear scrunchies. You know who you are and I needn’t explain myself because you KNOW why I have brought this up!  I hope your shame eats you alive.

8. 3pm to 5pm – useless times of the day, nothing good happens between these hours, best to be napping when this time occurs.

9. Girls who have boyfriends who think you (the single girl) are an instant threat, don’t flatter yourself !

10. People who get into an elevator and ride DOWN 1 floor – there is a special place in Hell for you.