I was doing the grocery shop for work the other day at New World Metro. I was in my usual hurry when I heard the most gorgeous British Accent “excuse me Miss, can I interest you in donating to the Paralympics?”


For starters you called me ‘Miss’ in a British accent, you can have whatever you like, If I still had my virginity I would SO have given you that.

Not only did he have a totally cute accent but he was astonishingly good looking! I actually stopped and stared, but just for a minute.

We had a brief chat about me donating and he pointed out that they only took cash, I didn’t have any on me but promised I would be back later.  I spent the whole morning figuring out what I would say, you know, all of the usual lame things that come with being single in the battlefield that is coupledom/dating.

The moment came, he remembered me and was very impressed I actually went back. Swoon!

I got a pin to say that I had donated. Again, we only spoke briefly.

Essentially I paid $20 for a cute guy to talk to me.

Nicely played Paralympics. Very nicely played indeed.