Treading Water

January 27, 2012


Aimlessly bobbing out there
The water sitting just at your chin

Treading water

And you see the land
But it’s so far away
Very far away.

It doesn’t matter though
You must keep swimming towards it
No matter how far
Otherwise you just might drown,
Out there

Oh yes, and mind the sharks.

JL Knapp


Fairy Lights

January 18, 2012

Darkness and

And all I really want

Is to see
Fairy lights

The fuck
Fairy lights?

– JL Knapp

For My Family

January 6, 2012

I miss you
I miss you
I miss you
I miss you
I miss you
I miss you
There is no other way to say it.
Those 3 words are perfect.
You are perfect
You are the loves of my life
I miss you

Tippy Toes

January 5, 2012

Things I like about you (in no particular order)

  • You have  a wee gap in your front teeth
  • I need to stand on my very tippy toes to kiss you
  • You read books on religion, but aren’t religious
  • We talk and talk and listen and listen
  • You helped with the dishes on Christmas day
  • You are kind and patient with the insane dog, even though I am not.
  • You wear your heart on your sleeve and you aren’t afraid of that
  • Sometimes you kiss the back of my neck in your sleep
  • You are not mine, but you are still all of these things


January 5, 2012

“Just look at the animals, at the birds; nobody is worried, nobody is sad, nobody is frustrated. You don’t see a buffalo freaking out. He is perfectly contented chewing the same grass every day. He is almost enlightened. There is no tension; there is a tremendous harmony with nature, with himself, with everything as it is. Buffaloes don’t make parties to revolutionize the world, to change buffaloes into super buffaloes, to make buffaloes religious, virtuous. No animal is concerned at all with human ideas. And they all must be laughing: What has happened to you? Why can’t you be just yourself as you are? What is the need to be somebody else? So the first thing is a deep acceptance of yourself.”