Somewhere New

August 10, 2010

Hello my Darlings,

I’ve missed you!

How are you? Happy? Loving your life? Kissing someone? Tell me!

Well, I’m finally online, finally I can gather my thoughts a little and actually write something down. I will be writing more soon, but this is just a brief update/check-in!

It’s been a fantastic few weeks, the USA is treating me pretty well thus far – I’ve been staying at a lake with my family in Washington, its beautiful and amazing and I have an outside shower, it’s my favorite thing ever, I’ve always wanted one of those! I shower by Moonlight every night, how cool is that?!

I’ve been in full relax mode:

  • I have a nap everyday
  • Waterski every morning
  • Smile
  • Talk with my family
  • Cook with my Grandma
  • Smile
  • Take walks
  • Try not to be scared of the cougars that apparently live in the Forest across the road
  • Learn to drive the family boat (I can now officially pull a waterskier!)
  • Learning to drive on the other side of the road – turns out it’s not as hard as I originally thought!
  • Catching up with old dude friends, friends who surprise you by picking you up on a sailboat on your third day of vacation, introduce to totally awesome people, make you smile and look after you. These kinds of experiences are completely blowing my mind.
  • Walking home after being out at the bars and watching the sunrise over Seattle while laughing with people I just met a few hours earlier, but who I adore already.
  • Getting serious mileage and attention out of my accent
  • Kissing really gorgeous, strapping, tall, kind and lovely dudes who are so sweet and tickle your back until you fall asleep.

More to come on the last point I made there…giggle…swoon

Love Jecc xx


I had my leaving party on Friday night, and for some reason I drank WAY too much, I think I’m possibly internally freaking the FUCK OUT!

But it was a fun night, all of my favorites were there, we danced and laughed and Mum made drunken snack food for all of us at 1am, Mum’s are the best!

The only glitch was a fight with one of my best dude friends (more of a disagreement actually), we have been friends since we were 15 and he’s recently engaged. He has completely fallen off the radar. Completely. Which has made me feel unloved and neglected by him. Believe me when I say, I DON”T want him for myself, I just want him to be happy, truly I do…but I question his happiness, I know I shouldn’t and I should just take it for what it’s worth and leave it be. But, me being me decided to call him out on his bullshit friend behavior (why not poke the Bees nest? Idiot!)

He thought I was unreasonable and didn’t understand ONE bit where I was coming from, like I was some stranger who had NO right to say these things to him, he was all condescending and snobby and rude, not the person I remember.  It  ended with me walking away in tears and him leaving, and giving me the shittiest most unloving hug I have ever received…like he was going to see me tomorrow, like I’m not leaving for a long time.

I’m trying so so hard to not fall to pieces over this and just accept that I cannot change other people’s behavior, only my own, but sometimes you just want to SHAKE people, you know what I mean? Shake them and go WAKE UP you fucking moron!!

I just don’t know, I’m at such a loss over this, I think I just need to let it go, people change and sometimes I think you just need to let them go. It’s very hard but I think it’s for the best.

Let it go.


Estoy Enamorada!

April 18, 2010

Which is Spanish for “I am in Love!”

Last night I did something out of my comfort zone, something different and put myself OUT there. I did it for me, and for you, so you would finally have something to read about!

I went to a party with about 20 South American dudes who I barely know that I met at my work. IT WAS FUCKING AWESOME!

I was the only girl, and don’t speak Spanish, so I spent most of my night just listening and drinking and being taught Spanish by some of the most Beautiful men I have ever met. My god, it was perfecto!

They played Flamenco for me, and sang me the most beautiful music. The boys were so very kind and made me feel so special. At one point I asked what they were talking about and Pepe replied “About the Kiwi girl with the most Beautiful eyes” I nearly died of Swoonage. I went bright red, it was funny and we all laughed.

At the end of the night the boys dropped me home and I went to bed with the biggest smile on my face, last night was so refreshing and fun, shaking things up is definitely the key!

Oh, and I also have a major crush on one of the Argentinian boys, his smile makes my knees go weak.

Ill update you as things unfold!


Holy Shit, It’s 2010!

January 3, 2010

Lordy Lordy,

It’s 2010, the year that I thought would never come, the year that we were supposed to have magic flying cars and eat food in pill form! Sadly, we don’t have flying cars, but we do have the internet, so all of you poor bastards out there can read my random thoughts and rants (and hopefully have a giggle along the way)!

So, did you have a great New Years eve? Pash any babes? Drink too much?  Tell me your stories…go on, I tell you all of mine.

I had a great one, I spent it with about 20 of my oldest and closest friends at a beach in the lovely Hawkes Bay. We drank, we laughed, we danced, I might have cried, might have. I didn’t pash anyone – there weren’t any suitable candidates. I’m not dropping my standards for no body.

Got any New Years resolutions? I don’t, all I want is to move on, and properly get over him and all the stuff that went with the break up. Enough is enough. Oh, and to continue being healthy and going to the gym, and pashing tall dark handsome men (that’s a whole other story, keep checking back).

Apparently he knows about this blog now and has read it, at least I think so. I have been very nice to him thus far, but in light of recent events, I have to say:



Phew, that feels better, I’m probably going to regret that. But hey, it’s 2010!

Good luck for 2010 lovers – and remember don’t fall asleep at the Wheel!



Merry Christmas!

December 23, 2009

My darlings!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

Dance, be merry, spend time with friends, family and lovers.

Listen to the Pogues and Snoopy’s Christmas Carol!

Make up with people you have fallen out with –  it’s Christmas, there’s never been a better time.

Don’t think about work.

Drink too much, eat moderately, have deep and meaningful’s with your Dad, Mum, Cousin, Uncle, Aunt, Grandmother, Grandfather, Sister, Brother, whoever will listen! Do it!

And most importantly, Be safe.

Love Jecca xx

I went to a wedding on the weekend and Holly was my date.

He was supposed to be my date, but Holly was far more fun, we had a blast, met lots of great people but spent the entire weekend literally as the only single people there.

I have never talked to so many engaged or married people. Ever.

The wedding was beautiful, the Bride was stunning, genuinely stunning and the Groom is absolutely gorgeous, kind and loving. This one is a keeper, something forever, real love. It was really quite special to witness something like that.

The wedding restored most of my faith in the idea of the ‘happy couple’ but didn’t manage to wash away all of my cynicism, it’s still there, but will lessen with time I would imagine.

It made me realise I’m still a bit bruised, still a bit broken, fine most of the time but I can sometimes be caught unawares and then BAM, tears and sadness – usually after the consumption of too much alcohol. People keep telling me not to drink because it heightens your emotions, screw that, who ever went through a difficult time sober? Well, maybe many people do, but that just isn’t me, sorry folks.

A friend told me recently that after a breakup you go through a stage of being a being a bit crazy, I thought he was talking utter bollocks, but I fear he may have been speaking the truth, I mean, who rolls their eyes at a wedding?

The Grind: Part 1

November 9, 2009

A few things that have been grinding my gears:

1. The font style ‘Arial’ – so boring, I have to use it at work and even exclamation points don’t make it look more entertaining/interesting!

2. When people at work use the phrase “I just wanted to advise you.” ADVISE me! That’s overuse of the English language. How about I “advise” you that you’re a Fuckwit?

3. Being hungover and starving but being too scared to leave the house in case people on the street judge you for looking like a mess/wild animal.

4. Ed Hardy and people who wear it:

Bret Michaels


5. Girls who wear Boob tube, ass skimming dresses out on a Saturday night when it’s hailing. COVER UP bitches, it’s a coat, not man repellent. No one wants a girl with goose pimpled flesh (well, maybe dudes wearing Ed Hardy)

6. Honking your car horn when the traffic clearly ISN’T moving.  Please shut the fuck up.

7. Girls who wear scrunchies. You know who you are and I needn’t explain myself because you KNOW why I have brought this up!  I hope your shame eats you alive.

8. 3pm to 5pm – useless times of the day, nothing good happens between these hours, best to be napping when this time occurs.

9. Girls who have boyfriends who think you (the single girl) are an instant threat, don’t flatter yourself !

10. People who get into an elevator and ride DOWN 1 floor – there is a special place in Hell for you.