Opinions Are Like…

February 20, 2012


Don’t do it. Don’t demand an honest opinion of someone, then get angry when it’s what you get.

Jecca xx


Does It Fit?

February 20, 2012



I said “I just don’t know where I fit with you, where I fit in your life”

He said “I don’t know either – but to be honest you scare the shit outta me…you make me want to do really crazy shit. Like illogical, ridiculous crazy shit.”

The Shift

February 9, 2012


There are things in the works, and there is a shift going on. I am smiling and all the fairy lights are switched on, it’s so very lovely.

Unfortunately the business of real life and the day-to-day is keeping me from all of you and this Blog for the moment.

I have so much to tell you, and so many little things I’ve been writing, I’ve been furiously hunched over my trusty notebook. Inspiration and observation are grabbing me at every turn, It’s almost overwhelming.

Enjoy this winter garden picture my sister took – isn’t she so clever!

Sending magic to all,
Jecca xx