Dates (not the fruity kind)

February 25, 2010




Dating is FUN, and because it’s not really customary in New Zealand it’s a HUGE deal when a dude invites you out on a  date!

But I think that ‘first date’ rules are utter bollocks, all three of the serious relationships I’ve had have come from first date sex or one-night-stand-turns-into-a-relationship-sex. How does that happen when there are shitloads of info, books etc on the subject of ‘the rules’? Here’s how, the rules suck.

I think the only valid ‘rule’ is not being too stalkery/creepy in the very beginning. If you meet someone and you feel that frisson of excitement, ya know, that feeling of ‘this might actually go somewhere’ then GO FOR IT, right now, stop watching the Hills and go for it! If you die tomorrow you will be pretty pissed you didn’t go for it!

It might turn to shit, it might be lovely, you might get to have sex! The unknown is SO exciting.

Rob? Yes Please!

On another note, I have a date on Saturday night with a very cute and adorable Czech guy, I blush every time I see him. Gotta love the FRISSON!!

Love Jecc xx



February 16, 2010

Today my blog reached 5,000 hits. I don’t know if that’s a lot or a little or totally mediocre, but I still think it sounds pretty damn sweet!


And Hoorayness to YOU for reading it, here, have a hug.

I might be a little hyper, I’ve been at work since at 5:45am, I’ve never woken up this early, I have however come home from partying this early, turns out it’s two very different things! Yikes!

Lovies xx

VD (Valentine’s Day)

February 13, 2010

Can you tell already that I’m cynical as hell about VD this year?  And Yes, I am referring to Valentines Day as VD because to me, this year it evokes nothing but a likeness to Venereal Disease (VD) I’m clever huh? Groan, anyways, moving right along… 

Let’s take a wee trip down memory lane…close your eyes…hush.

This time last year I was living in New York and it was bloody freezing! I was having a blast, roaming around the West Village, drinking way too much and just generally having a good time. My Boyfriend (now Ex) was patiently waiting at home for me (in New Zealand), bless him.  I was trying very hard not to focus on the fact that Valentines day was so close, it made me miss him terribly. Anyways, VD rolled around and I was frantic at work, then next thing I know a bouquet of white Lilies are delivered to me! My Favorite! Now, it wasn’t so much that I got flowers at all, it was that my Ex got off his ass in time to organise having flowers delivered to me across the other side of the world, and he remembered what my favorite flower was, I was so touched by the gesture – it was one of the nicest things that has happened to me. Needless to say there were tears, much jumping around and a voicemail to him at 5am New Zealand time.

Nice little triperoo down memory lane huh? I tell you, it’s nice to remember the good things after a break-up, because the good things did exist!

I figure that all of my Valentines Day karma has been used up now, so this year the drinking will begin after I roll out of bed, first thing in the morning. I’m gonna get dressed up and wear a gorgeous head band, drink loads of Red wine and nonchalantly wait around by the front door just in case the mail man has a ‘special’ package to deliver.       

P.S – To all the Dudes, it’s really quite simple, flowers go a LONG way, just the gesture alone will do you in good stead – it’s quite simple! So get off your ass and get your Special Lady some flowers!


Oh, Home On The Range

February 1, 2010

Sorry for my lack of blog action last few weeks, my life has changed quite drastically and I have only just now been able to sit down and gather my thoughts properly!

About 5 days ago I moved home, Yes, that’s right folks, I’ve come back to the nest, and let me tell you, my darling Mother is THRILLED (watch this space for some epic battles though, she is a gorgeous woman, but you know how it goes with Mother’s and Daughters). 

It was time for me to come home and get my life back to basics, regroup, pause, and look skyward.

As scared as I was to leave my wonderful and amazing friends in Wellington (as well as great food and coffee and shops being open on a Sunday) I have just realised that I am actually OK about my decision to move back here. I struggled with this decision for a long time – leaving my job in PR, leaving friends, leaving the place I called home for 8 years – it was all just too much, my entire life has changed in the past 4 months, but thank God it has because I needed a shake up – I was fast asleep at the wheel and heading towards a very boring place! Yikes, how scary is that?!!

So now I’m home, and catching up with friends, hanging out in the sun, spending time with my family, debating politics with my Dad and drinking far too much red wine, its blissful and idyllic. Sure, its early days yet and I might crave the bright lights, but I can always go back.

Because apparently, you can always go home, wherever the Hell that may be.