Like and Love

October 22, 2010

Tim Walker (of course!)

  • It is 100% OK to Google a word before you communicate on Facebook, spelling errors are VERY embarrassing
  • Don’t give a compliment unless you mean it, people know when your being fake!
  • If you ever act like an entitled little bastard, I’ll find you, and I’ll hurt you. For serious
  • If you continue to bend over backwards for everybody else, you WILL forget how to stand up straight
  • You can make things as simple or as complicated as you like, try not to over think, obsess, or procrastinate – just get on with it!
  • Getting lost is the best way to discover new and amazing places
  • Keep up on your life admin; reply to emails, write letters and organise your photos, otherwise it’s just going to be a huge diabolical mess.
  • It’s OK to exaggerate, it normally makes for a better story, especially if your life is suuuuper boring
  • Dudes who work on boats are gorgeous by default
  • Find someone to marry whose last name is Darling or Doll, imagine if that was your last name! Happiness, 1950’s style!
  • Sometimes you need to talk to strangers. 99% of the time nothing bad will happen, just learn to read the situation
  • You are awfully cruel if someone confesses their Like/Love for you and you don’t let them know where they stand.
  • When friends from home come to visit you overseas, your gonna have a riot of a time!

Jecca xx