Before the Weekend

June 11, 2011

Before you get really settled into your weekend, can I just say…

There is a possibility that this weekend you will run into that dude, you know, the guy who is cool, confident, charming, slightly arrogant, a total babe, picky about who he hooks up with, has been flirting with you, acts unavailable and aloof but makes you feel special at the same time…he has a reputation for being a  manipulative prick and hurting girls.  But you still still want him, you feel like you almost don’t have a choice. You know exactly who I’m talking about. Yes, you do…don’t act coy with me! And I get it, I really really do. Just please, for the sake of your sanity remember that he’s probably gonna lose interest just as you finally let your guard down. It’s just the way he is, and yes…perhaps you will be the one to ‘change’ him, but probably not. You know he’s bad for you, but you still want some of the action, I totally understand. So go for it, keep it light, don’t set your expectations too high.

And if by chance you should fall for him, and you’re really hurting and hating yourself for being so naive, then message me and we’ll talk about it. Because I’ve just gone through it and it’s utter hell, but you will come out the other side just fine, just keep holding on through the dark times.