Skipping Days

September 4, 2011

It’s been awhile…

I’ve been living my life offline these last weeks. Things are busy and moving forward, and I also turn 27 on Tuesday, so I’m kinda hiding from that reality.

Here are some thoughts/light bulb moments from the past few weeks that have come from interesting conversations and people observing.

  • It’s about quality NOT quantity – this applies to everything, including hook-ups.
  • Stop saying no – get off the couch
  • Talk to everyone, and most importantly, LISTEN!
  • Make sure your eyebrows are always perfect…they frame your beautiful face!
  • Don’t jump to conclusions – wait until you hear first hand
  • If your electronic self is better than your real life self you should work on that.
  • Everyone deserves a few chances, stop being such a hard-arse!
  • No matter what your age is, your Mother has the ability to make you feel like a 7-year-old who got caught with their hand in the cookie jar.
  • A little bit of modesty goes a very long way
  • Dylan Moran is the most hilarious comedian – watch some of his stuff.
  • Yes, I know, it’s September – I’m just as surprised as you are!
  • That feeling, when you are kissing and you realize you’ve stopped breathing. Yea THAT. Live for those moments
  • If a friend calls you in a time of need and you don’t pick up the phone/make time for them, your an asshole. Yea, hate yourself.

Jecc xx