Are you Going To The Show?

February 2, 2011

Last night I did one of my FAVORITE things, I went to a Punk Rock show and saw one of my most favorite bands ever ever – Against Me! and if you are that way inclined then I would check them out – my favorite song by them below

There is nothing quite like the frisson and excitement at a live show, and these guys brought the frisson! They were energetic, fun, loud, great and just…fucking fantastic! I danced my ass off and screamed my lungs out singing. There is nothing quite like the experience of a great band and a great crowd, it’s my spirit, it’s where I feel happiest, it’s where I feel connected and excited! At one point the lead singer Tom Gable said something like “This is the best high, I could stay like this forever” and I couldn’t agree more. Ever notice how after a great show you can barely remember what happened and what songs they played? It’s because you are on some other level of excitement and rapture that you simply cannot recall the exact awesomeness of the show, just embrace that moment while you are lucky enough to have it!

Another great thing about concerts is the cute boy potential, now I happen to like tattoos, piercings and all that, so a punk rock show really is like my mecca for cute boys. And generally I find that these particular boys are modest and unassuming, all the things we love! It’s my personal belief that there is nothing scarier than an arrogant prick, gross and horrid!

Wow, I really digressed there…

Anyways, the point I’m making is, go to a concert! If you LOVE Kenny Rogers then bloody go! There might be heaps of dudes there with white beards who look like Santa, if that’s your vibe then go with it! Say hi, talk to strangers, ask for a lighter, ask for directions, I don’t know, ask if their beard is REAL, do something!

Oh, another brilliant thing about shows is that you often hear other bands too, I heard this band for the first time and I am 100% hooked on them, not to mention the singer has a gorgeous voice and is absolutely beautiful.

This is ‘Girls with Accents’ by Fences:


Jecca xx