His Friend: Yo, I think our boy has a thing for you

Me: (silently jumping up and down and squealing inside my brain) Really? Wow, he’s really good-looking, are you sure?

His Friend: Don’t so be ridiculous, of course he does

Me: OK, ummm, I’m really flattered, we’ll see what happens I guess!

Two hours later…..(and way too much red wine)

Him: You like to kiss a lot don’t you

Me: Yes, ummm why, is it bothering you?

Him: God no, where have you been all my life?

If I hadn’t already been lying down I would have fallen over.

To be honest I couldn’t STOP kissing him if I wanted to, he was honestly the nicest, kindest, most handsome and strapping dude I have ever had the good fortune to kiss. I could not believe my luck! There is something so very powerful about a guy who is so physically….strapping, but who is SO NICE and DECENT! It was the funnest night ever, lots of face holding, kissing, lifting me up, flirting, tickles, spooning and talking.

This guy was like the jackpot!

Ding Ding we have a winner!

I wonder if I’ll see him again…



Somewhere New

August 10, 2010

Hello my Darlings,

I’ve missed you!

How are you? Happy? Loving your life? Kissing someone? Tell me!

Well, I’m finally online, finally I can gather my thoughts a little and actually write something down. I will be writing more soon, but this is just a brief update/check-in!

It’s been a fantastic few weeks, the USA is treating me pretty well thus far – I’ve been staying at a lake with my family in Washington, its beautiful and amazing and I have an outside shower, it’s my favorite thing ever, I’ve always wanted one of those! I shower by Moonlight every night, how cool is that?!

I’ve been in full relax mode:

  • I have a nap everyday
  • Waterski every morning
  • Smile
  • Talk with my family
  • Cook with my Grandma
  • Smile
  • Take walks
  • Try not to be scared of the cougars that apparently live in the Forest across the road
  • Learn to drive the family boat (I can now officially pull a waterskier!)
  • Learning to drive on the other side of the road – turns out it’s not as hard as I originally thought!
  • Catching up with old dude friends, friends who surprise you by picking you up on a sailboat on your third day of vacation, introduce to totally awesome people, make you smile and look after you. These kinds of experiences are completely blowing my mind.
  • Walking home after being out at the bars and watching the sunrise over Seattle while laughing with people I just met a few hours earlier, but who I adore already.
  • Getting serious mileage and attention out of my accent
  • Kissing really gorgeous, strapping, tall, kind and lovely dudes who are so sweet and tickle your back until you fall asleep.

More to come on the last point I made there…giggle…swoon

Love Jecc xx

Bad Behavior…?

May 24, 2010

Morning lovelies!

I had an amazing weekend, want to know how it started?

I had an epic make-out session with someone a wee bit younger than me (which is not normally my style).

Bad behavior? Perhaps! Fucking fun as? You got it sister! Inappropriate/should know better? Hells yes! Do I care? NOPE!

It’s these moments that you really enjoy being single, makes you want to giggle and jump around!

He was SOOOOO good-looking. Most amazing eyes have seen in a long time, all doe eyed with impossibly long lashes and a totally cute smile. He told me he thought I was sexy, beautiful and that I looked like I was 22. That’s all VERY flattering, but he’s only 18. His opinion can’t really be fully formed yet right? But hey, nothing like a little validation!

More importantly, When did 18-year-old’s get SO confident? This guy was with about 8 of his friends, and they were all pulling one-liners on me and being very persistent…it was totally ridiculous. When I was 18, I was all about bad fringes and wearing slouch socks. I was way too scared to talk to/hit on 25 year old’s! When did the youth of today learn to hold their own? How scary! Maybe I should take a page out of their book, be a little more daring and confident and say outrageously flattering things to strangers.

Maybe I will….

You are an amazing, gorgeous and perfect person!


Estoy Enamorada!

April 18, 2010

Which is Spanish for “I am in Love!”

Last night I did something out of my comfort zone, something different and put myself OUT there. I did it for me, and for you, so you would finally have something to read about!

I went to a party with about 20 South American dudes who I barely know that I met at my work. IT WAS FUCKING AWESOME!

I was the only girl, and don’t speak Spanish, so I spent most of my night just listening and drinking and being taught Spanish by some of the most Beautiful men I have ever met. My god, it was perfecto!

They played Flamenco for me, and sang me the most beautiful music. The boys were so very kind and made me feel so special. At one point I asked what they were talking about and Pepe replied “About the Kiwi girl with the most Beautiful eyes” I nearly died of Swoonage. I went bright red, it was funny and we all laughed.

At the end of the night the boys dropped me home and I went to bed with the biggest smile on my face, last night was so refreshing and fun, shaking things up is definitely the key!

Oh, and I also have a major crush on one of the Argentinian boys, his smile makes my knees go weak.

Ill update you as things unfold!



February 16, 2010

Today my blog reached 5,000 hits. I don’t know if that’s a lot or a little or totally mediocre, but I still think it sounds pretty damn sweet!


And Hoorayness to YOU for reading it, here, have a hug.

I might be a little hyper, I’ve been at work since at 5:45am, I’ve never woken up this early, I have however come home from partying this early, turns out it’s two very different things! Yikes!

Lovies xx

Holy Shit, It’s 2010!

January 3, 2010

Lordy Lordy,

It’s 2010, the year that I thought would never come, the year that we were supposed to have magic flying cars and eat food in pill form! Sadly, we don’t have flying cars, but we do have the internet, so all of you poor bastards out there can read my random thoughts and rants (and hopefully have a giggle along the way)!

So, did you have a great New Years eve? Pash any babes? Drink too much?  Tell me your stories…go on, I tell you all of mine.

I had a great one, I spent it with about 20 of my oldest and closest friends at a beach in the lovely Hawkes Bay. We drank, we laughed, we danced, I might have cried, might have. I didn’t pash anyone – there weren’t any suitable candidates. I’m not dropping my standards for no body.

Got any New Years resolutions? I don’t, all I want is to move on, and properly get over him and all the stuff that went with the break up. Enough is enough. Oh, and to continue being healthy and going to the gym, and pashing tall dark handsome men (that’s a whole other story, keep checking back).

Apparently he knows about this blog now and has read it, at least I think so. I have been very nice to him thus far, but in light of recent events, I have to say:



Phew, that feels better, I’m probably going to regret that. But hey, it’s 2010!

Good luck for 2010 lovers – and remember don’t fall asleep at the Wheel!



It’s been 9 weeks since we broke up, and the moments of sadness are becoming much less frequent.

Can you believe it’s been 9 Weeks? Thanks to all of you for reading this and being there each step of the way.

It's Magic!

I feel stronger, happier and I am getting back to the way I used to be when I wasn’t propping somebody else up – it feels good!

My life is all about me, my gorgeous friends and family! It’s ridiculous how liberating it is. I go to the gym 4 days a week now; I’m challenging myself and have even joined a Gym Boot Camp. I would NEVER have done that 3 months ago. In fact, me from 3 months ago would be jealous the new ‘gym going’ me.

Well, the old and unmotivated me can take a hike, I have zero time for that now. I have goals and I have a plan!

Here are some things that I enjoy as part of my new single life:

  • Going for drinks and dinner during the week
  • Staying out until 5am on the weekends, meeting cool and interesting people
  • Viva Mexico on Saturday’s with my Flatmates (best Mexican food in Wellington)
  • Playing Pinball and smoking cigarettes with cute boys
  • Going to new bars
  • Using eye cream
  • Flirting
  • Calling friends overseas
  • Moisturising my entire body – do it ladies (or guys), you will thank me for the results!
  • Getting facials/beauty treatments
  • Getting my hair done did
  • Listening to new music
  • I don’t get scared of the dark anymore
  • I can sleep alone now
  • I enjoy doing only my laundry, not someone else’s
  • Going to the Gym
  • Being FREE

I hope YOU are having a good day, and remember you never know what is around the corner, it’s your life — make sure you aren’t asleep at the wheel!

Love Lady Jecca xx