I Was Starving

December 19, 2011


I went on a date on friday night, my first proper official date in years. YEARS!

It was magic, I had so much fun and was treated beautifully. If I could have designed my dream date this would have been it. Seriously.

It really made me realize how starved I have been for this kind of thing, and that every girl out there, no matter how strong or independent still loves it when a man opens a door for them, tells them they are beautiful and walks them to the car at the end of the night.

Sigh, swoon…

Jecc xx


2 Responses to “I Was Starving”

  1. ohmytheskyisfalling Says:

    How divine! x

  2. Muff Says:

    this is a tear jerker but for happiness, not sadness. Oh how I love to hear that sort of thing going on in your wonderful person. You deserve every bit of that and hope their are more to come.

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