November 5, 2010

Last Sunday was spent with family friends who have small children, so we made a fort/nest on the living room floor and watched Disney movies all day, I bloody LOVE Disney, so I was in my element!

We watched The Little Mermaid, and it got me to thinking, does this actually exist? The all encompassing love, The kind of love that Taylor Swift sings about (my god I want to live in one of her music videos, it’s all cute boys and lovely long curly hair, with perfectly applied red lipstick!)

Can it exist in the modern times we live in? The GREAT love that totally and completely blinds you, like WHAM, you’re in LOVE! 

I mean, my parents have a great marriage, and are still very happy 28 years later, but that’s becoming very rare these days!  

I’m pretty sure it exists, and I hold on to the hope that I will one day find it. I guess all you can really do is keep putting yourself out there, and jump in with both feet, let go of the cynicism and just hope that the Universe has a master plan, or something! SOMETHING! 

Anyone want to share a story of  love? Go on, keep us all believing!

Jecc xx


One Response to “Fairytales?”

  1. Jasper Says:

    A story of love…

    I fell over the other day and my boy ran out, cleaned up my finger, put a plaster on it along with a kiss.

    This was after I got blind drunk and spewed on him.

    He really should have just shut the door! hahahahahaa.

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