Dudes! Yes!

August 31, 2010

I have no idea what’s happened to me, I’ve gone a bit boy mad these past few days.

I think about boys constantly, not any one boy in particular, just boys in general.

It's just too much!

To be honest I believe it was my trip to Venice Beach last week, I think it has physically changed me forever. And yes, it was that amazing. There was more boy man candy than you could fathom! It was like, dudes of every shape and size were there, cute ones, preppy ones, pierced ones, long-haired ones, jerk ones, singing ones, tattooed ones, homeless ones, dudes riding bikes, hotttt dudes, life saver dudes (whom I actually spoke to, squeal!)

Just boys and dudes and men everywhere, it was like…like the possibilities were endless! Endless acres of boy man eye candy.

Ahhhhh, Manliness.

My friend and I were talking about dudes, and our favorite body part of the dude, I personally am a back person. Oh yes, I LOVE a good back. All muscley and lovely. My friend likes the hands, particularly if they are musicians hands. We weren’t being lewd or dirty, just simply appreciating the dude-ness. Now, I know you understand what I am talking about, and I have referred to it before, it’s that wonderful, intoxicating power of dude-ness. That power that leaves you high, giddy and makes you do things you wouldn’t normally do, like giving your number to your super cute and witty waiter in the hope that he would call, when in reality you are just left giggling and blushing like a total fuckwit! And then  he doesn’t call, but that’s cool because you are so fucking high from all of the other dude-ness that’s EVERYWHERE that you barely notice you got denied!


It ‘s intoxicating, dangerous and probably the coolest thing ever, it’s like magic! MAGIC! But not like that weirdo Criss Angel Mindfreak dude…ugh, no magic there at all!

I’ve got a feeling that this new sense of ease around guys has something to do with the fact that I’m traveling, I have a lovely flippant attitude, if you like me then cool, but if not, then cool too, and I don’t care because I’m moving around so much and feel so completely free that I don’t actually have time to worry about you!

Am I being understood here, or is it just me?

Don’t leave me hanging sisters!


The completely boy-mad Jecca xx


4 Responses to “Dudes! Yes!”

  1. Jasper Says:

    You are not mad! you make a darn good point! be care free and enjoy it! xxx

  2. Hahahah Criss Angel!!! ❤

  3. barrycyrus Says:

    haha a lot of chances then.

  4. You made perfect sense and I admire your ease with guys. I myself have never had that ability, though I admire men, dudes, guys… on a constant basis. I get along with them quite well, also, but I am out of my comfort level when around dateable guys. Anyone 40 and up, no problem. 18 and down, same thing. So I say enjoy it. And yeah, be careful, but have fun.

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