Sucker Love

May 10, 2010

I’ve had a bit of an epiphany, I think.

Goes like this:

Just because someone acts like they like you/they actually DO like you it doesn’t mean you have to like them back. Just because you’re getting a little bit of attention doesn’t mean that you should make yourself like them, you are way better than that. I mean, if they are cute/awesome then totally HIT that, but if you’ve never thought about them in that way before now, then it probably isn’t the time to start, or is it? Is the light-bulb switching on? Could you love this person or are you just flattered by the attention? I dunno man, I don’t have the answers, just many many questions!

I was talking with Mr. Argentina last night and it was great, getting to know each other a little beyond wild make-out sessions. I told him a little of my break-up history, why I’m here back at home…bla bla, for the record, Mr. Argentina thinks he is a fecking idiot, haha take that!

Anyways, I digress. Mr. Argentina told me a little of his breakup, why he is here, how he ended up here, and he explained that he didn’t know what he had lost until he lost the girl, he said he did some crazy shit to get her back, even though he didn’t love her, it was the rejection he couldn’t stand.

BING!!! Light-bulb moment.

One hell of a lightbulb moment?

It’s the rejection that drives many of us! Really think about it – do you actually like them/love them, or are you just afraid of the rejection, because it will make you do crazy shiz yo yo! Rejection makes you want that validation, makes you search for that validation, and for what? To get someone’s attention you don’t really care about!

Of course I’m not referring to those in happy secure relationships, I’m sure you guys are driven by love, or fear or whatevs…but to those of you who are single and meeting new potential partners, be objective, and if you want to, JUST SAY NO!

Lightbulb xx


One Response to “Sucker Love”

  1. Lauren Says:

    COMPLETE lightbulb moment. You said it sister! x

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