What’s My Age Again?

April 4, 2010

I recently heard a theory from a dude-friend.

It went something like this:

For the most part (and I use this phrase first because generalising is always stupid and dangerous), if a Guy is 35 years old that would be approx 25 in Girl years. An 18 year old girl is approximately the same age as a 25 year old guy.  So if you apply the 5 – 10 year age difference rule then you would probably get a decent maturity match. But only if the girl is younger, if a 35 year old woman is dating/sexxing an 18 year old, you might get stoned in the street – but whatevs man, Coug it up I say! I’m not judging you, I’m just warning you, it’s not my prejudice, it’s societies issues, but mind you, Couger’s are very in Vogue, It’s the new Black…so do it, jump on the band wagon or the nearest 19 year old hottie and go with it!

BUT, I was in a  relationship with someone who was my own age for 3 years, and that was just fine…I guess it all depends on the person, but there were maturity challenges for sure! Anyways, enough of that rubbish. I’m not getting into that now. But if any of you ladies who have been in relationship with a dude in his early to mid 20’s I’m sure you already know what these challenges are…and if you don’t then you are either going out with the rare exception or your a fucking idiot. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing at all, I’m just making an observation, don’t be so defensive dude! Mind you, us ladies are no walk in the park either, I mean we are great but we aren’t without challenges either…but that’s a whole other post.

So, in theory I should be dating a 30 – 35 year old, I want a MAN, or a Man-dude, a man who is cool but has a good job, is driven and ambitious, but goes surfing on the weekends and maybe skateboards to work in his super awesome suit. He is well spoken but not pretentious, he is a cutie but doesn’t know it. He can pay for dinner, he can afford to go on a  holiday with you, he has traveled, isn’t scared to talk about the future…Man-Dude will come home from his super cool job and talk shop with you and listen to your work stories from your super great job and provide intelligent and insightful pointers.  He will also be awesome and cool to your friends and family, and genuinely love them. He will go out with his friends on the weekend and you with yours and you won’t worry or be jealous because 1) you aren’t like that and 2) he thinks you are the bestestestest EVER. He is proud that YOU are is HIS Girlfriend. And then you will listen to the Killers together and talk utter rubbish and act like 20 year olds because although he is a MAN he is still a DUDE.


Fuck! I can’t wait to meet this guy!


P.S – To all of my dude friends, you are the Man-Dudes described above, how lucky your girlfriends are! I Love you.


2 Responses to “What’s My Age Again?”

  1. mostlysoberwords Says:

    This post is incredibly cute. And also makes me feel a less self-conscious about the fact that I’m interested in someone 11 years older than myself. 🙂

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