Random Thoughts…

March 15, 2010

Due to extremely long hours at work I’ve neglected my poor Blog, and all of you too, sorry!

Here are some stray thoughts that I’ve been stewing for awhile now.

  • Moving home totally rules, but leave before you get too comfortable.
  • Read books
  • Be aware of the world around you/form an opinion
  • Your parents are human beings too
  • Friends and family will dissapoint and annoy you at some stage, get over it, not everyone thinks the same way you do. Sucks huh!
  • Pay your parking tickets
  • It’s OK to disagree
  • Having great girlfriends is amazing
  • Drinking Vodka is the best
  • Laughing until your stomach hurts is pure bliss
  • Good guy friends are SO cool/make you feel special.
  • Eating in bed is super naughty but a nice treat
  • You always feel better after a good cry
  • Learn to have faith in yourself and your decisions
  • Sometimes shit happens, what are you gonna do?
  • It would be so sweet if Rob Pattinson was my Boyfriend
  • Skins is probably the best TV show ever
  • Saturday mornings are the best part of the week
  • Make plans, have something to look forward to!
  • Friends will leave you to go travelling overseas, but that’s OK, at least you are on the same planet, imagine if they went to Mars or something?!!
  • The Killers are probably the best band ever
  • Flirting is beyond fun!!
  • White sheets are the best, except when you own an evil black cat
  • Smile like you mean it
  • Walk in bare feet on the grass
  • A little humility goes a very long way
  • In times of stress, hang in there and look forward to that pivitol moment when you realise that you WILL pull this off
  • Swimming is SO fun
  • People can be total fuckwits, DON’T be one of them
  • IF you were rowing across the River Styx, you should totally look like this:

by Julie Williams

Hope you are all well and happy!

Jecc xx


2 Responses to “Random Thoughts…”

  1. Jasper Says:

    Pedro is not evil!

  2. gualetar Says:

    The subject is fully clear but why does the text lack clarity? But in general your blog is great.

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