Dates (not the fruity kind)

February 25, 2010




Dating is FUN, and because it’s not really customary in New Zealand it’s a HUGE deal when a dude invites you out on a  date!

But I think that ‘first date’ rules are utter bollocks, all three of the serious relationships I’ve had have come from first date sex or one-night-stand-turns-into-a-relationship-sex. How does that happen when there are shitloads of info, books etc on the subject of ‘the rules’? Here’s how, the rules suck.

I think the only valid ‘rule’ is not being too stalkery/creepy in the very beginning. If you meet someone and you feel that frisson of excitement, ya know, that feeling of ‘this might actually go somewhere’ then GO FOR IT, right now, stop watching the Hills and go for it! If you die tomorrow you will be pretty pissed you didn’t go for it!

It might turn to shit, it might be lovely, you might get to have sex! The unknown is SO exciting.

Rob? Yes Please!

On another note, I have a date on Saturday night with a very cute and adorable Czech guy, I blush every time I see him. Gotta love the FRISSON!!

Love Jecc xx


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