Oh, Home On The Range

February 1, 2010

Sorry for my lack of blog action last few weeks, my life has changed quite drastically and I have only just now been able to sit down and gather my thoughts properly!

About 5 days ago I moved home, Yes, that’s right folks, I’ve come back to the nest, and let me tell you, my darling Mother is THRILLED (watch this space for some epic battles though, she is a gorgeous woman, but you know how it goes with Mother’s and Daughters). 

It was time for me to come home and get my life back to basics, regroup, pause, and look skyward.

As scared as I was to leave my wonderful and amazing friends in Wellington (as well as great food and coffee and shops being open on a Sunday) I have just realised that I am actually OK about my decision to move back here. I struggled with this decision for a long time – leaving my job in PR, leaving friends, leaving the place I called home for 8 years – it was all just too much, my entire life has changed in the past 4 months, but thank God it has because I needed a shake up – I was fast asleep at the wheel and heading towards a very boring place! Yikes, how scary is that?!!

So now I’m home, and catching up with friends, hanging out in the sun, spending time with my family, debating politics with my Dad and drinking far too much red wine, its blissful and idyllic. Sure, its early days yet and I might crave the bright lights, but I can always go back.

Because apparently, you can always go home, wherever the Hell that may be.


One Response to “Oh, Home On The Range”

  1. ohmytheskyisfalling Says:

    Wellington misses you darling. But here here to you for taking the big step and sorting out your life! It isn’t the same and there is a very empty looking bar stool at the local with no one swinging off it…! Miss you

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