I Guess I Got My Swagger Back: Part 1

January 19, 2010

So, I have gone from having very little boy action, to some interesting encounters this past week. It’s been great, I feel like I’ve got my swagger back, there is a spring in my step and a smile on my face – it’s always sunny in my world at the moment, I hope the sun is shining for you too!

So, here goes:

Encounter #1 – The American

So, right before I left for Christmas break I hooked up with a very tall American fella’ – he seemed nice and all, and wanted to take me on a date, but I was so busy getting ready for the 3 week holiday ahead that I really didn’t have time, I made this clear to him, but boy was he persistent! To be honest I was very flattered, it was great for my self-esteem. But the texts were a little too over-the-top for something that was SO new! Anyways, after I got back from holiday we went out for a few drinks, he wanted to do the dinner thing but I hate the formality of a dinner date, so suggested drinks instead. Again, he was persistent about  dinner, but I won, victory was mine! So we settled in for a few drinks and I started getting the worst headache and begun feeling nauseous too, not wanting to be rude I tried to ignore it – how many girls have used this excuse before when they were actually feeling OK? Well, I wasn’t going to do that to this poor guy, I have manners! Anyways, as the date progressed I realised I was a little bored – I didn’t want to know about his divorce and certain medical procedures, it was a little too much, no mystery and too forward. Oh AND – he was all about the PDA (public displays of affection) like, full on make out’s in a very public bar, it was gross, and I tried to be tough about this too, but again with the fucking persistence, and I’m a people pleaser so I just couldn’t win! So, it got to the point where I was feeling so sick and headachey that I actually thought I was going to vomit. We finally got out of there and I just wanted to be left alone to feel sick/look gross but he wanted to take me home and give me a massage etc, here’s a lesson boys, if a girl feels sick and is just getting to know you, she doesn’t want to look like shit in front of you. EVER. Nope, no arguments, it’s just the way it is. Sorry, I don’t make the rules! Phew, so he finally left me to feel sick/look gross after some good night kisses (he did lift me up and kiss me like in the movies and I swooned big time, it was so cool!). But all in all, it was a little much – he gave too much away on the first date, and was just too persistent and wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer – he even asked me to go on holiday with him. Yikes!

I mean, it was fun and he’s a nice guy, just not for me!

But that’s what it’s all about right, getting out there and seeing how it goes, you never know what’s around the corner!

Got any fun/funny date stories for me?

Encounter # 2 – The Blonde Babe, to be continued….


5 Responses to “I Guess I Got My Swagger Back: Part 1”

  1. ohmytheskyisfalling Says:

    Ohhh sounds like so much fun darling! And i cannot wait to hear more tales from the blond… Here’s to you being single and me being entertained!
    PS I will MISS YOU when you leave the cupboard! x

  2. chipsoutfortheboys Says:

    you are SUCH the babes Lady Jecca!!

    SO happy to hear you are back in the game!!

    i look foward to hearing more…xxx

  3. Ellen Says:

    Yes, sometimes persistence is a turn-off. Why can’t guys find a happy medium..it’s always ALL or nothing. Lame. And yeah, homeboy should have stuck to movies/music/books/”how many siblings do you have?” type of conversation. Isn’t this, like, a well-known thing? Or no? Was he at least a good kisser?!


    • ladyjecca Says:

      Hey Ellen,
      Thanks for checking out my blog!
      I’ve had some interesting experiences in the last few weeks, and I’ve observed that with guys, if they want something then all of the rules go out the window! If I acted like that to a dude straight off, I’d be branded as a ‘Psycho’! Makes my head spin, gotta take the focus of dudes I’ve decided. He was an OK kisser, but I was So freaked out about the intense PDA that I couldn’t really enjoy it – and WAY too much tongue.

  4. Jasper Says:


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