Stories from the Cupboard: Part 3

December 21, 2009

I went to a wedding on the weekend and Holly was my date.

He was supposed to be my date, but Holly was far more fun, we had a blast, met lots of great people but spent the entire weekend literally as the only single people there.

I have never talked to so many engaged or married people. Ever.

The wedding was beautiful, the Bride was stunning, genuinely stunning and the Groom is absolutely gorgeous, kind and loving. This one is a keeper, something forever, real love. It was really quite special to witness something like that.

The wedding restored most of my faith in the idea of the ‘happy couple’ but didn’t manage to wash away all of my cynicism, it’s still there, but will lessen with time I would imagine.

It made me realise I’m still a bit bruised, still a bit broken, fine most of the time but I can sometimes be caught unawares and then BAM, tears and sadness – usually after the consumption of too much alcohol. People keep telling me not to drink because it heightens your emotions, screw that, who ever went through a difficult time sober? Well, maybe many people do, but that just isn’t me, sorry folks.

A friend told me recently that after a breakup you go through a stage of being a being a bit crazy, I thought he was talking utter bollocks, but I fear he may have been speaking the truth, I mean, who rolls their eyes at a wedding?


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