The Importance of being observant

December 15, 2009

I’m working on being more observant.

I am normally a loud and giggling participant, but I’m trying to be more laid back, trying to sit back a little and see how things unfold, no more rushing in to fix things and fawning over people to make them feel better, I’ll just observe a little, see what happens, who am I to think I can fix/control everything? I’m just a person!

I’m a relatively intuitive/perceptive person and can pick up on most people’s moods easily. I’m terrified of confrontation and aggravation and am luckily always alerted to it – my legs go weak and feel all hollow and my heartbeat quickens – that’s when I know to run for cover! And yes, I know it sounds strange, but it doesn’t fail me often. Does anyone else out there have this? I guess it’s all to do with fight or flight right? Primal urges and all of that, maybe in another life I was an Ostrich, blissfully going through life free of confrontation with my head stuck safely and firmly in the sand.


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