Eye Candy

December 12, 2009

I’ve had one of those weeks where I have been exhausted. I drag my sorry ass out of bed in the morning, shower and then attempt to get dressed, well mostly I just stare at my clothes knowing that I have to put them on and go to work, but I just can’t.

Anyways, the point I’m trying to make is that it’s been an average week and I don’t feel I have anything to say, so I’m going to be a complete cop-out and just put up some pictures of hot boys/My celebrity crushes.

AND HERE THEY ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Don’t forget to swoon)

Ian Somerhalder - plays the badass 'Damian' in Vampire Diaries

Luke Pasqualino - Plays 'Freddy' in season 3 of Skins

Rob Pattinson - plays the part of 'my boyfriend' in My life.


3 Responses to “Eye Candy”

  1. Ohmytheskyisfalling Says:

    Hang in there sweetheart… Not long now till a lovely break… full of fabulous food, plenty of wine and super sunny weather!

  2. Bill Miller Says:

    Wow. A New Year but where are the new posts? Please write something new 🙂 – Bill

    • ladyjecca Says:

      Hi Bill,

      Sorry for the slacking off – It’s been summer here in the Southern Hemisphere so I’ve been on vacation!
      Hope you are enjoying the newer posts!

      Jecca xx

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