Silly Girl

November 16, 2009

The weekend was a pretty good one, aptly demonstrated by the fact that it’s Monday and I’m having a mental health day at home, the sun is shining and I just had some excellent coffee, life is definitely bearable.

This weekend I saw 3 of the guys I have been crushing on – it was almost too much to handle, I was all nervous and excited – such a great feeling! The beginning of the weekend was loaded with expectation; Let me tell you how it ended:

Calling my Ex drunk off my ass at 2:30am on Saturday night. Great.

Colored cats

If I end up alone with Cats, this is how they are going to look.

Why did I call him you may ask? I do have a theory, here goes;

I didn’t kiss any of the crushes mentioned above, In fact there was ZERO interest from any of them even though I did my very best to look totes pretty, act cool, flutter my eyelashes etc etc. I guess it was the end of the night and I was just feeling a little lonely and rejected and wanted to speak to someone who had once had a crush on me.

I am actually OK though, I mean, I’m horrible at flirting and the guys probably have no idea that I’m interested – and I figure things always happen for a reason, so reason, if you are reading this, can you please make yourself known? I’m getting a little anxious here!


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