Stories from the Cupboard: Part 1

November 9, 2009

The other week I had a very pleasant morning With Jess, Chloe and Ella. The sun was shining and I wasn’t wearing a coat, it was going to be a good day.

We checked out the Designer clothing sale at San Fran Bathhouse and decided it was too hideously crowded with Hipster kids, so we bailed for a much needed coffee.

We decided to go to Duke Cavall’s. We sat outside and were served by an extremely chatty waiter; he had nice eyes and a totes cute smile. The girls gently urged me to indulge in some flirting, being the fool that I am, I did.

Here is what unfolded:

He asked for my order, I stared into his eyes for too long and blushed, talked too quickly and played with my hair too much.He came back with my Coffee and was very nice, we were chatting away as I was flicking my sugar sachet, and it flew out of my hand and slapped him in the face and fell to the ground. I could only stare at the ground – forcing him to pick up the aforementioned sugar sachet, making him think I was a complete princess and a klutz to boot. Awesome.

Had I Been wearing these Fab Chanel Heels, I would have removed one of them and shot myself.

Chanel Gun Heels

Love Lady Jecca



2 Responses to “Stories from the Cupboard: Part 1”

  1. ohmytheskyisfalling Says:

    I think biffing a sugar sachet at his face then cutely blushing while he picks it up for you was HOT. He was totally into it. Let’s go back this weekend? You could order coffee with TWO sugars… things could get loose!
    PS he was definitely digging you.. he tried to show off by indulging us in his ‘knowledge of smoking salmon’. Which by the way sucked, he was just looking for an excuse to hang about!

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